Happy Surprise
Happy Surprise

Happy Surprise

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The search for an easy to use template is over. Within seconds you can start crafting without the need for measuring, drawing or calculating anything at all. In contrast to other sellers, where you spend most of your time looking at overcomplicated guides trying to guess what the tiny numbers are supposed to say, you just stick our template on your paper and start crafting. It's just that simple!

Therefore I invite you to slow down, get cosy and enjoy the calming practice of creating a beautiful product, that is waiting to become something special.

Perfect as a gift
Are you looking for a thoughtful, functional and creative gift? We've got you covered. Expect your reciever to shower you with love, affection and awe that you created so much emotion with just paper. 

No measuring
 No drawing 

No calculating
 Easy to use
 Stress Free

What is included?
• A pdf template that can be downloaded via Mail
• Direct access to a step-by-step easy to follow video instruction

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